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Brakes are the key components in the vehicle that ensure a safe driving experience. It is especially important because not only do they keep you safe but also everybody else on the road. Besides their importance, they come at a very affordable rate and are easily replaceable. Keeping the vehicle in a good condition relies on the condition of the components. If the components are taken care of properly it increases the lifespan of the vehicle and also gives safety.

Brake Pads play a critical role in stopping the car, it is one of the most important components as it helps to prevent accidents. Being a component in the braking system these brake pads stop the car when the brake pedal is pressed. On one side they have a thick friction material and on another there is steel. The friction caused when the brake pedal is pressed stops the wheels as the brake pads contact the brake disc.

Although they are durable with constant use and the stress caused by the friction these brake pads are worn out over time. The frequency of the replacement requirement is based on the driving style and also the usage. For occasional drivers, the brakes may need to be replaced less frequently as compared to people driving in heavy traffic areas regularly.

Brembo Brake pads

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Brembo is a reputed company and well known for its amazing high-tech products. It has world-class design, development, and production of braking systems and components for all vehicles. It is a global company operating from different countries to offer best-in-class products to its customers. The company has seen a radical transformation from its inception in 1961. It has become a leader in offering distinctive product lines building a unique identity in aesthetics and performance.

It is a 61-year-old company that is backed by technology and innovation. The continuous effort in modifying the products to make them relevant for the world through research in design and performance brings the best parts for the vehicle.

The brand’s name is synonymous with the braking system and has gained goodwill worldwide. It has made ultimate transformations with trendsetters in automobiles and now is racing towards sustainable and electric mobility trends. Brembo brake pads are superior in quality and deliver higher performance. They are also used in racing cars. If you are looking for a genuine brake pad to maximize the car’s potential these are a must-try. Being a global leader in braking systems in the vehicles they offer high-quality brake pads that are manufactured with supreme friction material that allows the driver to experience a smooth drive. By maintaining consistency in performance it ensures that the friction is constant in all temperature ranges.

The advantage of having such superior quality brake pads is that it offers long life to the car. It, therefore, is cost-effective since it doesn’t require replacement frequently. Also, the vehicle delivers optimum performance even without warming up. The Brembo brake pads give high performance even at low speeds. Other benefits include no sound and lesser disc and pad wear. A good quality brake pad has a fast cooling effect after braking and doesn’t get overheated therefore has good heat stability.

How Often Should Brake Pads Be Changed?

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Every manufacturer will offer instructions about when to change the brake pads. However the owner must check with the mechanic every time the wheels are being changed. The mechanics will advise about when to change the brake pads by inspecting their thickness. But replacement entirely depends on the way of driving.

Signs to look for to get a replacement

  • The brakes make a high pitched screeching sound
  • You hear squeaking noise while driving
  • The thickness of the brake pads is less

Ignoring these signs might lead to grinding noise when the friction material is completely worn out and it grinds against the brake rotors. Once the rotors are damaged it will be an additional cost to replace them as well.

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