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Importance of Air Filters in Cars

Why are Air Filters so Important in Cars?

A car can run smoothly if you have the air filters in perfect condition. The air filters must be clean in order to maintain the right performance. Clogged air filters pose a lot of problems that directly affect the performance of the car. It carries immense importance so if you forget to replace the air filters you might end up noticing dirty smoke, loss of power, oil light, or even engine failure.

Do you know the filters present in your car?

The cars usually come with four types of filters: the cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter.

As a normal functionality, the filter ensures that the car doesn’t have any impurities like dust, air pollutants, dirt, grime, debris, etc. Since these filters deal with a lot of contaminated air, oil and fuel they need replacement on a regular basis. If they are not changed then it might cause problems with the working of the vehicle. Therefore by making timely replacement of filters you can make the vehicle run more efficiently.

What is an air filter?

Every car needs oxygen to complete the combustion process. It helps to keep everything from bugs, insects, dust, sand, debris, pollution, and more from entering the engine and processes clean air and fuel to offer good performance. There are many shapes of air filters like panels, cylindrical and circular. Most of them come in pleated material that allows to churn away the bad things. These filters come in cotton, synthetic, or foam. The cheapest filter material is paper, the next option is cotton but there would be big gaps that most likely don’t remove the dirt. Foam has many layers essential to prevent air contamination. The metal filters are strong and have layers of steel mesh.

Is it necessary to exchange the air filter?

It is important to change the air filters whenever required as it improves the efficiency of the car and helps in maintaining the car in good condition. It prevents black smoke and reduces fuel consumption.

When should you change the air filter?

The duration to change the air filters is two years. However it is also important to know that it depends on the usage of the car. The air condition in the area also impacts the air filters, for example, a densely populated urban place will have much pollution therefore the air filter might require replacement faster compared to the countryside.

Other Filters in the car:

Cabin filters

The air that enters the cars is cleaned by heating and conditioning therefore it keeps the interiors of the car fresh. The cabin filters are used to ensure that the air is clean and does not have any dust, pollen, airborne pests, and bugs that can create health issues. It’s useful for everyone and especially for people with any respiratory disorders and allergies, it is a must to have cabin filters to keep away the dirt.

Oil filters

One of the key components in the car is the oil filter, although it might not be very much known to people it plays a critical role in keeping the car in good condition. If you don’t take care of the oil filter there will be dirt, oxidized oil, and metallic particles that will cause problems to the engine. The oil filter helps in the purification of the motor oil therefore it helps in efficient running. However, the oil filters can hold a lot of contamination till it gets changed.

Fuel filters

The fuel also comes with a lot of impurities and it is necessary to remove them and process the fuel filter therefore it is used to remove all the impurities present in the fuel. It plays a vital role in increasing the car’s lifespan by removing the contaminants from the fuel.

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