stands as the global hub for Valeo’s Innovative and Tech-enabled solutions stands as the global hub for Valeo’s Innovative and Tech-enabled solutions

Valeo – a trusted name in the automotive industry globally, started its journey in the year 1923, in Saint-Ouen by launching its operations in a workshop. However, this humble beginning made its mark today with incredible operations in nearly 33 nations. Additionally, the global leader has partnerships with automakers all around the world. Valeo has undoubtedly created a stance that appeals to the customers with its innovations. The company took a leap in innovative technology and launched programs for the customers in 2000 and it made a remarkable position by the usage of ultrasonic sensors for parking assistance systems. With its noteworthy R&D centre, it became a pioneer in launching Stop-Start technology that amazed the customers in the market.

The key factors contributing to the success of Valeo:

Innovation and Technologies at Valeo

The French automaker is geared up to revolutionize the auto industry with unbelievable upgrades that are relevant to today’s scenario. The company strikes the right balance between technology and capitalization in human resources that builds robust products and solutions suitable for futuristic vehicles. The next-gen vehicles need innovative yet sustainable solutions therefore Valeo brings a beautiful culmination of technology with features like autonomous, efficient usage of energy, customized for everyone, and tech-enabled.

Integrated solutions at Valeo

Valeo aims to make simple and smart products for the urban automotive industry by prioritizing sustainability. The products are designed in eco-friendly models which enhance the user experience whilst offering a reduction in fuel consumption alongside reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The company brings together tech features with a futuristic perspective in a sustainable fashion in addition to transforming the vehicles into safety guards with intuitive innovation.

Prioritizing Customer centricity

Valeo ensures to stay ahead of time in terms of customer satisfaction. With proper research and survey conducted at regular intervals, the company gathers information on customer needs. Therefore it stays right at pace with customer demands. This exercise helps in analysis to adapt to a variety of markets making them offer diverse products with a competitive edge.

Valeo Logo

As the demand for automation increases, the French automaker creates a ground breaking innovation as it constructs a research center solely for automotive applications, this artificial intelligence center located in Paris was the built-in view of developing highly advanced projects that deal with assisted driving and autonomous driving.

Multi-sensor perception

Driverless cars are extremely popular as they come with cutting-edge technology which offers sensors to monitor the environment and safely move on the roads without much human interference. Valeo is known for its cameras, Ultrasonics, LiDARs, and radars which make automatic cars completely safe and stress-free. Valeo makes a comprehensive study of the output of these sensors with deep learning approaches in various ways including isolation and collectively.

Domain adaptation

In order to combat the difficulties that Deep learning and reinforcement learning pose in autonomous driving, the company uses domain adaptation techniques that help in improving the performance of the system.

Uncertainty estimation

Valeo tries to overcome the challenge of accidents with automated cars therefore it thoroughly investigates the uncertainties with which the embarked perception system is expected to react after performing a proper diagnosis of the situation. For example, it should call humans or an alternative system that prevents uncertain situations.

Valeo’s presence in the Indian market.

The Indian market for the auto industry is expanding leaps and bounds, Valeo started its operations in India in 1997 and made a strong foothold. With a collection of five Distribution Platforms, eight Production Sites, one Front office for client service, and one global R&D center the company has certainly created a great impact in the market. It has its facilities in Sanand, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, and Chennai. The company has over 5000 employees and half of them come from engineering backgrounds. The Development Centre located in Chennai has gained strong recognition as a global hub that supports customers globally in regards to Simulation, Mechanical Design, Embedded Software Development, Hardware & Functional Safety Design, and Vision Systems Software.

Valeo’s products: Being a supreme technological company thriving to deliver smart technology based products to the customers the company entails a list of products like Clutch Sets, Clutch Release Bearing, Hydraulic Bearings, Flywheels, Thermal, Wipers, Electrical, Filters, Lighting and Coolants.

The collaboration of Valeo and Motrparts:

The online auto parts portal intends to offer customers cutting-edge and smart solutions in auto parts. The partnership of Valeo the online portal gives customers best-in-class wiper blades, Headlights, Taillights, Alternators, Starter Motors, Clutch Sets, Clutch Release Bearing, Hydraulic Bearings, Flywheels and more at a cheaper price in the market.

The customers get the right solutions and products for the vehicle coupled with innovation and technology through a reliable source.

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