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Spark plugs may be small in terms of size but they have an important role to play in setting your automobile in motion. The job of the spark plug is to generate the spark which then ignites the air/fuel mixture. This in turn creates the explosion that makes the engine produce power. Therefore, ensure that these are always in good condition.

Why NGK spark plugs?

NGK spark plugs are the No 1 in the spark plug industry globally. NGK spark plugs have been engineered to world class standards and reputed for their high level of efficiency and performance. Their innovative line has been manufactured with Japanese technology that maintains precision and high quality. The key reason to go for these are future ready and use the most advanced technology possible which means that they are ideal to meet the expectations of today’s high efficiency engines.

When should you change your spark plug?

Under normal conditions, you need to change your spark plug only as the OEM recommends.  It should be changed when signs such as the following are spotted – dry carbon fouling, fuel additives fouling, wet carbon fouling, insulator nose breakage, deposits, overheating and flash over.

Wide Range

NGK spark plugs offer diverse options, for instance you can choose from Conventional spark plugs, Iridium spark plugs, Double Platinum Spark plugs and so on. These are available for various automobile models from Maruti suzuki, Mitsubishi to Honda.

How to buy NGK spark plugs?

The easiest way to shop for this is to buy online at, a spare parts shop that has fulfilled the orders of hundreds of customers. We have a wide range of genuine NGK spark plugs.  Just search for them and start shopping, we’ll deliver them to you quickly.  Our fast selling NGK spark plugs are LKR6D-10E, BKR5E-11, KR6A-10.  Shop now at – Trusted and Reliable online store for high quality and branded NGK Spark Plugs for all car models.

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