When to replace your car wiper blades?

Signs that  show you must replace wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades may look like a small part of your car but they play a big role in ensuring your safety.  They are important for you to achieve optimum visibility on roads. They become all the more useful during poor weather conditions such as rainy dry or dusty weather conditions. In countries where there is snowfall, these become critical.

How do wiper blades function?

The windshield wiper blades basically consist of metal or hard plastic arms which then drag a thin rubber or at times silicone blade over the windshield.  They clear away water bringing clear visibility. To get the best out of your windshield wipers, always ensure that the windshield is totally wet with water or windshield wiper fluid. Use them only after this. If you wipe a dry windshield, this may cause chattering or squeaking.

Signs that you must replace wiper blades

Even if you are not using your wiper blades regularly, it’s important that you change them when appropriate. The reason is that over time the blades are likely to break off or get shredded. When this happens, it could leave scratches on the glass.

If the wiper blades are squeaky or produce chattering noises while in use, it’s time they need to be replaced.  You must also watch out for streaks, smears or bits of moisture that appear on your windshield. Other slaterpharmacy.com/ventolin signs are when you find yourself facing reduced visibility while driving even when wipers are working, cracks and tears on the blade, missing pieces in the blade, a skipping movement in the wiper.

When you do your regular service check-ups, ensure that your wiper blades are also attended to. Ideally, these should be changed once every six months though it depends on weather conditions.

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