Nissan Micra was launched in India, in July 2010. This one of a kind hatchback sported a 1.2 Litre engine producing just about 75 horsepower. Micra introduced a host of features like Keyless Entry, Push start/stop Button, which were new to the auto market and gave competition to other manufacturers who did not even consider such features for a hatch. The quirky retro styling were purely subject to one’s liking, but most of the enthusiasts liked it. A facelift of the Nissan Micra was launched in 2013 bringing muscular changes to the exterior body and a new 1.2 Litre engine with a CVT gearbox. Nissan also launched the Micra Active in 2013, which was exterior refresh of the Old Nissan Micra. Wide Range of Nissan Micra Spare parts can be found at Spare parts like Nissan Micra Bumpers, Nissan Micra Clutch Set, Nissan Micra Flywheel, Nissan Micra Double-Lock Clutch Slave Cylinder, Nissan Micra Headlight, Nissan Micra Brake Pad, Nissan Micra Water Pump, Nissan Micra Wheel Bearings, Nissan Micra Taillight and many more can be ordered at great prices.