The cabin filter is typically a small pleated filter manufactured from multi-fibre paper cotton or other engineered material. Its key function is to ensure that clean air reaches the engine. It’s vital to keeping the air inside your car fresh and clean constantly. It filters impurities such as dirt, pollen, dust, bacteria and exhaust gases and prevents their entry into the HVAC system of your car. The key signs that your cabin air filter needs to be changed are when you spot a musty odour in your cabin, reduced air circulation in the passenger cabin, drop in a/c performance and an unusual whistling sound in the cabin air intake. Check our Online Car Spare Parts store to buy Cabin Air Filters from the best quality brands. Our fast moving cabin filters include Skoda Octavia Cabin Filter, Maruti Swift Cabin Filter, Jeep Compass Cabin Filter and Toyota Innova Cabin Filter. In case of any query, do get in touch with us.