Buy Brembo Car Spare Parts like Brake Pads, Disc Rotors and more

Brembo is an Italian manufacturer of automotive brake system. It is a global leader and innovator especially in high performance braking system. Brembo brake Pads and Brake discs are specially designed for upgrading, looks stunning and it is trusted worldwide for reliability. Car enthusiasts or motorists who are very quality and safety conscious swear with Brembo brakes as it offers excellent performance, reliability, durability and comfort in any condition. The main factors that determine unrivalled performance of BREMBO BRAKING SYSTEM are:

a. The dimension of brembo brake pad is wide which facilitates the disposal of heat and reduces the inclination of the braking system to fade and therefore makes it possible to apply the brakes often in quick succession compared to a smaller pad.

b. Brembo brakes keep innovating in material and technologies and their experience of 40 years from formula 1 and racing cars help them in understanding the braking technology the best.

c. The main characteristic of brembo braking system is lightness,which is constantly maintained in every component.

d. The friction material used in Brembo brake pads has a better friction coefficient and moreover the Brembo brake disc has best surface finish which is key in friction exertion. The drilled and slotted discs ensure, from the initial braking stages, a greater grip and a faster and more effective response of the braking system

e. Brembo offers integrated and efficient braking systems by collaborating with the most prestigious global car manufacturers for development of new car models thus guaranteeing the best braking performance possible.

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