KBX, also known as Kalyani brakes Limited, was incorporated in 1982 which manufactures Brake Parts for Automobile Sector like Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Brake Disc, Tandem Master Cylinder & Wheel Cylinders. KBX brake parts are well known for their quality and affordability. KBX brake Parts are OEM suppliers for Car Makes like Tata, Maruti Suzuki and to name a few. KBX was later bought by Chassis Brakes International which was incorporated when Bosch sold their braking division. Chassis brakes International was founded in 2012 and KBX Brake Parts was under this firm for around 7 years. In 2019, HITCAHI ASTEMO bought a 100% stake of chassis brakes international in a view to better strengthen it’s wide range of automobile chassis, safety and systems capabilities. KBX Brake Parts is now a part of Hitachi Astemo limited. KBX Brake Parts do not compromise on quality of their parts and are considered as the Unique Selling Propostion of the company. Wide range of KBX brake parts like Maruti Swift Brake Pad, Honda Amaze Brake Pad, Tata Nano Front Wheel Cylinder, Mahindra Scorpio Brake Shoe, Renault Duster Wheel Cylinder, Mahindra Scorpio Disc Rotor, Tata Nano Front Brake Shoe and many more are available at motrparts.com, at affordable prices.

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