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Procuring the right parts for your car is extremely vital to the maintenance and functionality of the automobile. Though there are several genuine auto parts sellers in the market, people also try to scam you and squish your hard earned cash. Buying quality auto parts enhances the overall performance of your vehicle as well. Hence, it’s extremely pivotal to know how to buy parts you need for your cars.


The first thing to do when you decide on buying car parts is to do some quality research. This can help you find the most reputable dealers in town and forewarn you about the scammers as well. When the research is on, you can examine the parts you require on multiple platforms and choose according to their various characteristics. For example – the cost, brand, performance statistics, etc.

Deciding on Parts quality and fitment

Let’s look at some of the Parts which are predominantly selling in the after market.

  • Original Vendor Part – They are manufacturers of auto parts who produce products as per specification of vehicle manufacturer. These products are of extremely splendid quality and fit in well with the vehicle, enhancing their performance. Example – Valeo, Bosch, Autolec, Gabriel, MSL Driveline, Rane, Brakes India etc.
  • Genuine parts – Genuine auto parts are approved and sourced by the original car manufacturers from OE vendors or others which pass through rigorous quality tests.They are packed in GENUINE PARTS BOX. Example – Honda, MGP, etc.
  • Non Genuine branded parts – Non Genuine branded parts are manufactured under a company to suit a particular car. These are not OE approved which can be a factor when you think choosing the service provider for your automobile. Though the design of the auto part will be marginally different from the OE, it will be suitable for the car.
  • Packaged auto parts – Packaged auto parts are bought from the market and packed to be sold in the aftermarket but the part may or may not be good quality.

Verification of the Item

When you buy an item from the market, it has to be thoroughly verified to check for genuinity, brand, warranty terms, suitability so that it could help you choose the right product. When the retailer/dealer/garage/etailer lets you know about the available products, you can then make a call on whether buying it or not. This can save you money as well as get you a quality product.


In any market, pricing is the dominant factor that plays on the customer’s mind. That’s the reason behind people choosing un-branded products. Identically, there is a difference in pricing between genuine auto parts and non-genuine auto parts. Quality is another considerable difference in procuring a non-genuine car part. When buying a car part, it is always better to buy a Genuine or OE vendor part because of the quality it provides to the performance of your vehicle although it might be costly.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy is a must when you buy a part from any given service provider. Sometimes, the part might be faulty, damaged, broken or inferior in quality and can damage your vehicle when used. Some parts like electrical part, fragile parts and Imported parts are not covered under warranty. So, having a warranty policy can help you claim for a refund or change of parts which is very essential for your car.

Bill / Invoice

Whatever product you procure, keep in mind to insist the service provider on a bill for the product. With a bill, you will be able to avail GST credit and get your product covered under warranty. It would be a proof of Genuineness of part.

Being Careful

Some auto parts require meticulous care while handling them and some malfunctions do not come under warranty. If your mechanic causes any physical damage to the part, then you will have to spend your own bucks to repair it as it is not covered under warranty. So, being ultra careful while handling your vehicle is necessary.


These are some of the tips for buying parts for your vehicle. Motrparts stresses on the importance of having quality parts for your car. Brands like Bosch, Valeo, LUK, Sachs, KBX, Gabriel, Monroe, Lumax, Minda, Rane, TVS and many others including GENUINE Parts are available with Motrparts.

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