Why is a Coolant must for a car’s safety?

Coolant, A must for Car Safety

Why is a Coolant must for a car’s safety?

What is a car coolant?

A car engine is the main power generation source and undoubtedly the hottest part of the car. It needs to be taken care of properly in order to have a long life. The car engines would wear out if they are not protected, also protecting them costs much less than replacing them. A car coolant is otherwise referred to as an anti-freeze which is made to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating. Additionally, a coolant ensures the other parts stay lubricated avoiding damage.

Why do you need an Engine Coolant?

If you are puzzled about what is the use of a coolant you must know that it is essential to add the much-needed protection to the engine which helps the car to run smoothly and offer optimal performance. The engine harnesses a lot of energy, some of the energy turns into heat. Most of the time when an engine failure occurs it is due to excess heat and failure to maintain the ideal temperature. Thus the coolant helps the engine to maintain the temperature keeping the engine in a good condition.

When should you change the coolant?

Each car varies in its requirement for coolant replacement. Mainly the factors like age and mileage matter in deciding when to change the coolant. However, it is ideal to replace the coolant after the car has reached the first 60,000 miles. After that it must be changed at 30,000 miles intervals. Keeping the environmental conditions in mind it is preferable to change the coolant after long intervals.

  • The coolant levels dropping below ‘min’ indicates replacement.
  • You must change the coolant as soon as you notice discolouration in the fluid present within the radiator.
  • It is crucial to have clean fluid. If there are any dirt or dust particles in the fluid it has to be cleansed and the coolant must be replaced immediately.

Things to remember: 

  • If you want to check the coolant level, wait till the engine is at normal temperature as the levels expand leading to inaccurate results.
  • To keep the engine running in a good condition, regular flush and changing coolants improve its efficiency.
  • It would be great if you use coolants that the manufacturer recommends because the composition of the coolants varies from brand to brand which may or may not suit the car.
  • Lastly, coolant is extremely important as it helps the car engine to have a controlled temperature, and also helps to avoid scaling and corrosion. Therefore it must be checked and refilled regularly to enhance the life of the car and engine.

What happens when you drive on low coolant?

Every car engine creates heat naturally although you can channel the heat into the cabin most of the heat is still present and must be managed so that it doesn’t harm the car. Not only will the coolant impact the engine but the overall performance of the car and also movement.

Engine overheating

Coolants will remove the heat produced causing the engine efficiency without engine seizing up. And if you overlook the problem and move on without coolant then it would damage pistons welding to the cylinders permanently.

Head Gasket

If you run the vehicle in low coolant it is possible that it may block to blow creating a head gasket. In this situation there will be smoke coming off the engine or tailpipe, there also may be a power failure, sounds from the engine, and a definite reduction in performance.

Car shut down

Today there are cars in the market that take control of situations due to low coolant. So before any damage occurs they shut the car down. This prevention is extremely beneficial as you can save massive repair costs that would arise later because of overheating.

Reasons for loss of coolant:

  • Mainly the coolant can be lost due to a leak externally which can be either from hose connections, radiator hoses, or radiators.
  • At times the coolant may leak due to pressure if there is a faulty seal on the radiator cap which leads to leakage.
  • Additionally, the head gasket of the engine may pose a problem and leak the coolant internally.

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