Exedy – Excellent and Dynamic drive train components

Exedy is a global corporation that provides high quality drive train components to customers across the globe. The former name was Daikin manufacturing co. ltd. Which was later changed to Exedy corporation in 1995. Exedy India Ltd. was incorporated in July 1973 for manufacture and sale of manual clutches for passenger, commercial and two wheelers. Exedy clutch sets are sold as Original equipment to many car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, General Motors and many other leading automotive companies. Exedy clutch kits are appreciated by customers around the world because of their highest standard of quality levels. The key features of exedy clutch kits are

  1. Improved fuel efficiency due to clutch performance and design
  2. Low pedal efforts and ease of clutch operation when disengaged due to use of latest production technologies.
  3. Reduced Vibration when engine started and stopped by creating optimal design matching the springs and friction material.

Short URL: https://www.motr.parts/exedy

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