The Importance of Car Shock Absorbers 



Shock absorbers are an important automobile spare part in a vehicle to absorb or eliminate shocks in a running car. They are basically hydraulic pump like devices that manage the control of the impact and rebound moment of your vehicle’s suspension and springs. One of the primary functions of car shock absorbers is to ensure that the vehicle’s tires stay in constant touch with the road. 

Types of Car Shock Absorbers

Every vehicle requires different types of car shock absorbers to function, though all the shock absorbers carry out the same functions. So, there are three defined types of shock absorbers that fit into the defined types of vehicles.

Strut Type Shock Absorbers

A strut is one component of a vehicle’s suspension — the system of parts that connects the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. A complete strut assembly is a combination of two main parts: a spring and a shock absorber.  A strut assembly is also a shock absorber  but unlike shock absorbers, struts provide structural support for the vehicle’s suspension and dampens vibrations whereas the spring, which is almost always a coil spring supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs large bumps. A strut is also called damper.When a car has struts on the front wheels only they are usually MacPherson struts, which are struts that are also considered part of the steering system because the wheels pivot around them.

Conventional Telescopic Shock Absorbers

The most fundamental type of shock absorber is the conventional telescopic shock absorber which is generally replaced. They are not that costly and can be found on both front and rear suspension systems.

How do they work?

Shock absorbers convert your suspension’s kinetic energy to thermal energy by taking its kinetic energy. So principally, shock absorbers are oil pumps which have a piston attached to the end of a piston rod and works against the hydraulic fluid in the pressure tube. This hydraulic fluid is pushed through the tiny holes inside the piston because of the pressure given by the orifices. One impressive feature of any shock absorber is that it automatically adjusts to the road conditions because of the suspension which moves very fast.

When to replace a Strut or Shock absorbers

A faulty shock absorber or strut will make it hard to maintain proper control of your vehicle as you drive. As a result, going over a bump or pothole can potentially cause you to lose control, putting you and your passengers at risk, as well as risking an accident with other vehicles on the road. For this reason, it’s crucial to keep your shocks or struts in proper working order at all times.

A car owner or driver has to replace shock absorber or struts when they notice following symptoms:

  1. Bumpy ride and losing control of your car when you drive over a pothole or bump.
  2. Difficulty in Steering or car swaying when we turn.
  3. A fluid leak in a car strut or shock absorber is easily visible and needs to be immediately replaced.
  4. A car shockabsorber has to be checked regularly after certain driving distance say 50,000 Kms. as per Car manual.
  5. A faulty struts can also cause nose dives and instability while braking.


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