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Over the years, the features in cars have been constantly evolving as the need for safety has been prioritized. Every one of you who acquire a car should make sure that the car’s safety features are unblemished.

It is substantial to point out the fact that cars have become faster, efficient and much safer today. To make things clear, let’s look at the safety features in a car which should be mandatory.

Quality Air Bags

Quality air bags is a must in every car as it can save a life during an accident. The airbag deploys depending on the impact and the object struck. Additional side airbags in the car help the passengers to avoid the objects that crash through the windows.

But airbags provide the maximum effectiveness only when your seat belt is put on. It is important to note that children below the age 12 should sit in the rear seat as airbags can suffocate them.

Seatbelt Importance

Seat Belts prove to be a very important feature in a car as it protects you from colliding with the windshield, steering wheel and the dashboard incase of an unexpected accident.

  • Seatbelt Pretensioners: The seatbelt pretensioners retract the belts instantly and take up the slack when a crash occurs. The major benefit of such a seat belt is that the passenger can seize full advantage of the air bag which deploys during a frontal impact.
  • Energy Management Features: Energy Management Features prevent forces on the shoulder belt and reduces it from concentrating too much on your chest, during a severe crash.
  • Adjustable Upper Belts: Adjustable upper belts help the passenger to change the position of the shoulder strap according to the person’s body size. Since this belt increases the shoulder belt comfort for the passengers, they may prefer it.

Lights, Mirrors and Bumpers

The presence of three types of lights: headlights, brake lights and turn lights are very important for a car. These lights enable the driver to have a better idea about the surroundings and about where the other vehicles are. Mirrors are also crucial for a car as they ensure high visibility and eliminate the blind spots.

The presence of side and rear view mirrors in a car is mandatory. One of the most primitive safety features in a car is Bumpers as it is built to withstand minor collisions and prevents damage to the engine and body of the car.

Anti-lock Brake System

The Anti-lock Brake System helps the driver to have a greater steering control which can result in eliminating accidents. Though you may still have to endure a crash due to other reasons, learning to use the Anti-lock Brake System correctly will benefit a lot.

Some Anti-lock Brake System’s include brake assist which sense emergency braking by identifying the speed at which the driver puts the brake. Such a feature can be very important in preventing major road accidents as the driver can take full control of the vehicle.

Traction Control Systems

Traction Control Systems augurs the car’s stability when you put extra effort and control the amount the drive wheels can slip.

The engine power output is adjusted automatically by the system and applies braking force to selected wheels during acceleration. Traction Control System is a very important part of the Anti-lock Brake System in a car.

Head Restraints

Head Restraints are the extensions of the vehicle’s seats that reduces the head movement when a rear impact accident occurs. This helps in minimizing the probability of neck injury.

Specific sizes and strength requirements are available for the front seat head restraints and not for the rear seats. Most head restraints are adjusted manually but some adjust automatically during a collision.

Rearview Camera

The presence of rear-view cameras in a car has two solid reasons; first of all, it protects animals and children from being involved in an accident and secondly they provide a clear view of what is behind the car to the driver. Predominantly, these cameras are wide angled and provide a 180-degree view.


These are some of the most key features that a car should posses in order to provide safety to the passengers and the driver inside. So, make sure you have these features in your car and more importantly drive safe.

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