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Servicing and maintaining your car regularly is extremely important for the vehicle to function efficiently. If you service your car regularly, it will use less fuel and contribute to less pollution. The health of the engine will last longer than a car that doesn’t receive regular maintenance. However, the cars manufactured today last longer and are more durable due to the longevity in maintaining the fluid levels.

Consequences of Not Servicing Your Car

So, what happens when you don’t service your car? Important fluids that helps the operation of systems such as power brakes and power steering burn away. These fluids are very significant for lubricating the engine and when they are contaminated, the mechanism is damaged. The filters which prevent these contaminants from reaching the engine through the fuel line will expire. It is also very critical to have in mind that your car’s brake pads will wear with every deceleration. These are just some of the consequences that occur if you don’t service your car often and several other complications might rise if your car is left unserviced.

The vehicle manufacturers provide a maintenance schedule for such problems according to the miles driven. Following the service schedule can augur the longevity, reliability, safety and the optimum performance of your vehicle. Change of oil, replacing the spark plug, air & fuel filter replacements, lubricating the drivetrain components, changing the fluids of the power steering, brakes and radiator are some of the important things to be checked when you service your car. If you want your car to last long and function efficiently, these maintenance items should not be overlooked.

Saves money in the Longer Run

A well maintained car would function efficiently, and servicing your car regularly can save you money in the long run. When your car is serviced often, the minor problems can be figured out at the initial stages and can be cleared before it becomes something big. Another important point to note here is that your warrant claim will be ensured if you service your car according to the manufactures schedule.

Changing the Oil

The most critical factor while servicing your car regularly is replacing the oil. Oil changes can maintain the engine efficiency and lubricate the moving parts in your engine which can boost your car’s longevity. However, the expenses for changing the oil are less and should be mandatory when your service your car.


The performance and reliability of your car will be augmented when you service your car regularly. Replacing the oil and lubricating the engine while servicing your car regularly results in the impressive performance of your car.


Every year, there are so many tragic accidents that scare us. People think that bad driving is the reason behind it, but many of you don’t know that bad maintenance of your car can equally contribute to such accidents because of inflated tires, gas leaks, worn brakes, etc. These small issues which turn life wrecking can be easily prevented if your car is serviced regularly.


Maintaining and Servicing your car is very important and with the above said points, you all will definitely understand the significance of getting your car serviced regularly. So, get your car serviced regularly and enjoy the time on road because you can’t treat cars like human beings, cars require love.

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