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Many of us tend to ignore the AC Cabin Filter as it’s usually not on our list of priorities. A malfunctioning AC Cabin Filter can be a health hazard if not maintained properly or replaced as needed. Besides, a malfunctioning cabin filter can damage the air-conditioning system too.

The key function of the AC Cabin Filter is to keep the air inside your car clean. This is usually located behind the glove compartment or in many modern cars under the hood or dashboard.

Breathing pollution?

The outside air is full of smoke, pollution, allergens and many more impurities. Just think, if your cabin air filter is not functioning at its best, you will be breathing in all these pollutants.

Types of AC Cabin Filters

Charcoal AC Cabin Filters not only filter out airborne contaminants, they also clear odours such as exhaust and do not allow it to enter the passenger cabin. They also effectively filter out odours like cigarette smoke from inside the vehicle.

Electrostatic AC Cabin Filters have the filter media electrostatically charged which means they can catch even very fine particles such as cigarette smoke or diesel carbon.

Particulate AC Cabin Filters are great at filtering out dust, pollutants, pollen, and other contaminants in the air.

When should the AC Cabin Filter be replaced?

The best thing to do is replace the ac cabin air filter either every year or every 24000 kms to 40,000 kms. However, do check your owner’s manual first. You must also take into account whether you are living in congested, polluted urban area or in the countryside. 

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