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Did you know that when it comes to manual transmission, the hardest working component in your vehicle is your clutch set? Whenever the gear is changed, the clutch is engaged and disengaged. Basically, this connects shafts and works to control the amount of power supplied to the engine. 

What are the parts that make up a clutch?

The modern clutch consists of four key components: the cover plate, the pressure plate, the driven plate, and the release bearing.  The cover plate is fixed on to the flywheel.

Types of clutches

The Basic Friction Clutch is the most common and is operated hydraulically or by a cable. Wet Clutches are usually used in cars with multiple clutch plates and constant lubrication to keep components cool. Dry clutches are considered more efficient but they have no oil supply and are usually single-plate. Dual-clutch transmissions are popular in premium cars and employ two wet multi-plate clutches. Electromagnetic clutches operate electrically yet transmit torque mechanically. Hydraulic Clutches are an alternative to the mechanical clutch cable.

When should a clutch set be changed?

There is no particular mileage or time but watch out for signs that you might need to change it. When a clutch plate gets worn out, you will come across signs such as shuddering, a chirping or grinding noise and trouble with shifting gears which point to clutch slippage.

 When a disc from a dry clutch gets thin, you will find scratching when selecting a gear. In a faulty wet clutch,  the smell of the lubricant warns you. While trying to overtake or go uphill, if the motor increases revolutions but the car does not accelerate, the clutch must be changed. 

Clutch sets for a range of vehicles

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