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Most cars have two types of air filters, the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. The purpose of Engine Air Filters is to trap any insects and other impurities such as dust, particles, sand or debris that may enter the engine and damage the internal parts. In the same way, the AC cabin filter, filters out what goes through the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

What materials are used?

The most common material used to make air filters is paper and this is quite cheap. Cotton is the next choice but the bigger gaps are likely to let more dirt move through. Foam filters employ multiple layers to prevent contaminants and wire mesh to help retain the shape of the filter. Metal filters are made from layers of stainless steel mesh.

Why change your engine air filter?

Changing your engine air filter when needed improves car performance, prevents black smoke and helps save fuel.

How will I know when to change the air filter?

The recommended time period for changing the air filter is two years. However, depending on how much you drive and conditions such as whether you are in a densely populated urban area or a countryside matter.

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