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Headlights and Taillights in a car are incredibly important for your safety as they help you in seeing the road clearly at night. It has a major impact on the driver’s safety as the number of accidents that happen at night are unfortunately high. 

Importance of Headlights

Did you know that over 40% of accidents take place in the dark and poor visibility is one of the main reasons for such fatalities. Keeping your high and low beams functioning properly will definitely ensure safety and give you proper visibility. It is also important to upgrade the bulbs as they tend to dim or burn out in time. 

Security and Communication

The lights in your car are about security and communication but most drivers ignore that fact and take it for granted by not checking how they function. Checking and replacing your headlights & taillights regularly should be something that you should more often. 

Polish the Lights

Regularly cleaning your car and polishing the plastic lenses can be significant because lenses can become yellow & cloudy and reduce the effectiveness of the light. 

Bad Weather

Yes, the headlights and taillights become very critical at night but they also are very important in weather situations like rain, fog, snow, etc. This avoids accidents and ensures that the other drivers can see you in reduced visibility.

Setting the High and Low Beams Right

Headlights have something called low beam and high beam where you can increase and decrease the amount of light coming from the lamps. This can get tricky as sometimes you might blind the other drivers if you do not set it right. Switching them off when required is very essential and important.


The brake lights and turn signals ensure safety for you and the drivers behind, as they know if you’re going to slow down or stop. The stoplights are bright & red and can show your intention to the other drivers. It is also important to turn off the signals as the flashing signals can confuse the other drivers.


Headlights and Taillights are very important for a car and ensures the safety of the driver & passengers in several ways. Keeping them fully functional and checking them regularly is very critical for your security. We have fast moving parts like Toyota Innova Headlight, Volkswagen Polo Headlight, Volkswagen Vento Headlight, Maruti Swift T2 Headlight, Chevrolet Aveo U-va Headlight, Skoda Rapid Headlight, Toyota Innova Taillight, Volkswagen Polo Taillight, Volkswagen Vento Taillight, Honda WR-V Taillight, Ford Figo Taillight, Renault Kwid Taillight and our online store has leading brands like Uno Minda Headlights and Tail lights, Lumax Head lights and Tail lights and Imported after market brands like Depo Headlights and Taillights. Buy car parts online at

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