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Did you know that India has the highest number of road accidents in the world?  Research on accidents shows that a majority of passengers could have been saved had they worn a seat belt.  Nissan India and SaveLIFE Foundation had conducted a study across 11 major Indian cities and found that only 7% of rear-seat passengers used seat belts. 

There is no doubt that a car seat belt plays an important role in assuring the safety of the driver and passengers. Here’s a look at how it helps protect you and your loved ones.

How does a seat belt protect you?

When you wear a seat belt, this ensures that you stay safe inside your vehicle during an accident. However, if you had not buckled up, in case of a car crash, you would be completely ejected from inside this and this is usually deadly.  

To understand this better, when you are travelling in a car, your body is also moving at the same speed. In case of an accident, the car may stop, but your body would still have the forward momentum. If nothing is holding you in place, the result would be your body flying forward out of the car or hitting part of the car. It also spreads the force your body absorbs from the accident and moves it to the stronger parts of the body. Wearing a seat belt can also help prevent injuries.

There are some who might think that they are safe because of the air bags. However, it’s important to understand that airbags are meant to work along with seat belts and not in isolation.

How should you buckle up safely?

Make sure that your lap belt and shoulder belt are firmly secured across the pelvis and rib cage. This is important as these parts are stronger than the rest and would be able to better handle crash forces compared to the other parts of your body. You must never put your shoulder belt behind your back or under an arm. The lap belt must run across your hips and not the stomach. Ensure that your shoulder belt is fixed across the middle of your chest. It should be away from your neck.

Buckle up for a safer ride!

The importance of wearing a seat belt can  never be stressed too much. Ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe throughout your journey with this simple step. A message brought to you by motrparts.com – a reputed online spare parts shop. We care.

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